Known Problems with this CD

This page last modified on 18 August, 2003

In spite of doing extensive testing while preparing the "slideshow" on this CD-Rom, I've just discovered several problems/bugs that users may fall into.  Being out of spare time to record copies of the CD to take to the Celebration in Lima, this note is the best I can do for now.  Feeback (to from people who use this CD-Rom will let me know whether to take the trouble to search for a cure.

The bugs I discovered today are a result of my using JavaScript in the version supported by Netscape version 4.73 for most of my testing of the content of this CD.  The bugs have not surfaced using that browser.  I have other versions of both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and have done a lot of testing with both.  JavaScript is an industry standard programming language used in building Web pages that was originated and promoted by Netscape Corporation.  Microsoft support for JavaScript has been somewhat grudging, and its version 5 MSIE browsers have been known to exhibit JavaScript bugs.  It seems that I've fallen prey to at least two of those.

VGA Photos Page problems:

  1. If you click the link "VGA Photos" on the opening menu page of this CD, you will display a list of links to photos, with adjacent links to the associated "Notes" on some lines.  Clicking the "Notes" link will jump to the text of the Notes.  To get back to the VGA Photos page, you'll need to use the browser's "BACK" command in this context.  The result may be a little error message box - which you should be able to ignore safely. (Just click "OK" or "Ignore" ... to get rid of it.)

    Hopefully, if I add photos taken at the forthcoming Celebration and Conference, I'll be able to solve this problem by making the Notes appear in their own little pop-up windows. 

If you use a Netscape browser:

If you use a Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser:

Enjoy ... Ken Bowles