ecause of his 51 years of service to the national and international scientific community, Dr. Ronald Woodman was honored at the opening of the XIII International Scientific Meeting - ECI 2010, which took place in our country, on January 5th - 8th. It is certainly a recognition to be highlighted, since the work of Dr. Woodman, Executive President of the Geophysical Institute of Peru, is reflected so far in more than 130 research papers published on international scientific journals, making him in one of the leading scientists in Peru. We invite you to visit the News Section where you can find two notes regarding the meeting and the tribute that were performed.

On the other hand, during the last week of December, we had the visit of Dr. Freddy Aquino, who collaborated with the Jicamarca Radio Observatory for several years in the 90's. Dr. Aquino had the opportunity to travel to Tromso (Norway) for graduate studies, and then moved to USA to join the Purdue University, where he finished his doctoral studies. Learn more details of his professional life and his passage through the JRO in the Interview Section.

In order to show the works developed at JRO, this time, Freddy Galindo (IT) shows one of his latest projects: 'Rewriting IDL routines in Python', it means to translate the IDL routines in Python language, which allows us to model the radiation pattern of the Jicamarca main antenna, from the values of the cables used in the connections.

Finally, we offer a variety of topics in our Personnel Section. First, we had the interview with Freddy Galindo (IT), who said goodbye to Jicamarca, in order to travel to USA and begin his doctoral studies. Also, Juan Carlos Espinoza shares with us his experiences during his trip to Taiwan through his chronicle "Experiencing Eastern culture", in which he tells us about his journey across this country and his participation in the International School of Atmospheric Radar (ISAR 2009). Likewise, we cannot stop reporting the activities conducted by end of year: "A look at the last year" and the first run named "Don Farley 5K" and "3K Walk".

And without more to say, we say goodbye until the next edition. We hope you enjoy our informative notes, carefully prepared for our readers.

Marita Villaverde

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