n our last edition we had the opportunity to inform you about the MADRIGAL project at Jicamarca Radio Observatory. Miguel Urco, from IT area, detailed the concept of madrigal and mainly its purpose. In this second and final part of the article, Miguel will explain the stages of development contemplated for the development of this scientific tool, which is being implemented at JRO.

And for the first time, Luis Navarro, from the CIELO area, contributes as a guest through his chronicle on the development of the MeriHill Optical Observatory project, name assigned to the FPI station in appreciation of Dr. John Meriwether's support, from Clemson University. We also have the article about the opening ceremony of this incredible station.

On the other hand, we have news from abroad on Edgardo Pacheco, a former member of the jicamarquina family. Edgardo had the opportunity to participate in the last CEDAR Workshop held in New Mexico, USA, and his participation had echoes, since Edgardo managed to take first place in the poster contest for PhD students, in the area of Midlatitude Ionosphere or thermosphere. We contacted Edgardo and interviewed him.

    Furthermore, the ROJ staff also brings us good news: Nadia Yoza, who this year has obtained her Telecommunication Engineering degree, participated in the competition 'VI Jornada Interuniversitaria de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones', with her research topic related to the equatorial electrojet, in the category of graduates; thus adding another step in her promising career. These two reasons motivated us to ask her some questions. In the Personnel Section, you will find the interview.

    And since we have mentioned the Personnel Section, we took the opportunity to ask some questions to Nicholas Slowey from the JIREP Program and Fernando Raymundo from AIESTE Program, in order to hear their views on the JRO and experiences in Peru.

    You will find these and other news in the present edition. Until next time.

Marita Villaverde

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