Radar Imaging

One of the most important advances in the last few years in the field of atmospheric and ionospheric radar techniques is the use of the radar imaging technique. It was introduced at Jicamarca by Kudeki and Sürücü, [1991] and later developed by Woodman, [1997] and Hysell and Woodman, [1997] . The technique utilizes multiple interferometry baselines (up to six for studies of field aligned irregularities) to resolve spatial-temporal ambiguity and to discern fine-scale structure within the radar scattering volume.

At Jicamarca, this technique has been implemented in two dimensions (EW vs Vertical directions) for studies of field aligned irregularities from the E [e.g., Hysell and Chau, 2001 ] and F [e.g., Hysell, 1999 ] regions. Three-dimensional implementations have been also attempted [e.g., Chau and Woodman, 2001 ; Woodman and Chau, 2001 ] to study the lower atmospheric irregularities.

An example of an EEJ radar image to the right.