Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Incoherent Scatter Data Base

Erhan Kudeki and Santanu Bhattacharyya
Aeronomy Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jicamarca F-region ExB drifts data exhibited at this site were collected during the 1994 MISETA I Campaign and World Day Experiments conducted since November 1995. Data processing scheme is described in Kudeki et al. [1997].

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Acknowledgements. We thank the staff and engineers of Jicamarca Radio Observatory for their help with the radar observations. The Observatory is operated by the Geophysical Institute of Peru, Ministry of Education, with support from the National Science Foundation of the United States. This work is supported by the Division of Atmospheric Sciences of the National Science Foundation through grant ATM 94-24361 to the University of Illinois.